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Innovative partnerships: Our response to the crisis!

By Stéphane BONE, Techtera Projects Manager.

The funders monitoring committee, which provides an update on current projects supported by Techtera, was successfully held at the end of 2020; for the first time by videoconference.

Fifteen projects, concerning a wide variety of markets ranging from transport to public works, including protection and security, were reviewed. The average project budget (FUI, PIA, R&D Booster and PSPC) varies from €1 million for R&D Booster to €3 million for FUI with subsidy rates higher than 40% over a period of 2 to 4 years. The size of the consortia varies between 4 and 11 partners involving 50 companies and 30 different laboratories.

Despite the impact of the first “lockdown” on the work in progress, most partners managed to adapt and stay the course, demonstrating the agility of the whole industry. Thus, the few postponements for the finalisation of projects formulated will not be more than a few months.

The overall results are already very positive since, at this intermediate stage of advancement, the consortia present have already helped with:

Because of its impact, scale and duration, the health crisis has shaken up the codes and accelerated changes in society. It has demonstrated the importance of the regions; also, within and between sector interaction!

The economic recovery definitely depends on innovative partnerships.

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