Since 2011, CART’TEX has continued to expand allowing us to identify specific textile solutions applicable to any industry thanks to a thorough knowledge of our members.

CART’TEX is the database that lists the specific expertise of those involved in textiles. They are guaranteed to be:




In 2016, CART’TEX lists more than 270 skills in 80 firms.


You are looking for a skill?

If you are looking for a particular textile skill in a project of R&D or industrial cooperation, CART’TEX will help you find it at no cost:

Techtera can help you from time to time, but also long-term as part of a Key Account Workshop (link to page Key Accounts).

Contact: Bruno MOUGIN –


You are a member of Techtera?

You have a specific expertise with high potential for added value? You can join CART’TEX to publicise your expertise, take advantage of business opportunities and develop partnerships: (process diagram)

In 2015, 60 business opportunities were found through CART’TEX.

Contact: Bruno MOUGIN –