Business launching projects

TECHTERA aims to introduce innovation in the markets. Indeed, the cluster seeks to promote, support and capitalise on joint projects in which it took part, so that the resulting innovative products, processes and services may exist in the market and provide concrete financial effects.

The textile innovation must strengthen the competitiveness of firms in the sector, and Techtera supports them in this process.

So that innovations, created by TECHTERA members, can more easily find their way onto markets, the cluster offers companies a variety of tools suited to their situation for identifying new applications, approach targets and gather information to confirm market potential.

This involves cluster members through operational action (presentation and monitoring tools, interview guides, exhibitions, etc), whose purpose is to qualify market potential and reach prototype phase.

TECHTERA offers to undertake the action hereunder :

This approach is personalised to each firm, to best meet its needs, and based on specifications

In 2015, Techtera was the first cluster to obtain Innovation Tax Credit Approval for a period of five years.

This allows firms, involved in prototype or installation design work of new products, to participate in the marketing support service as regards their expenditure.

Enterprises can now benefit from a tax credit of 20% for expenditure; the expenditure base is capped at €400,000.

The Business Launching service was launched early in 2015.


Contact: Julie Rafton-Jolivet,