Our achievements

Quelques exemples de résultats récents des actions Développement et Marché de TECHTERA :

Mission in Japan, January 2016

In January 2016, Techtera organised its first technology and trade mission to Japan. It took six firms with it from the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region to find out more about the Japanese markets of Health, the Elderly and Sport.

Conducted jointly with the Chambers of Commerce and Industry of France and Japan (CCIFC), the mission addressed trade issues (B2B meetings, sales outlets, networking, legal awareness, etc) and technology (monitoring, visit to showrooms) to enable participants to discover or learn more about Japan.

This mission has enabled participating companies to build and consolidate their ties with Japanese companies through:

Christophe Podevin, CEO, Ycone

“The Japan Mission […] gave us a first, highly targeted approach […], into the best framework conditions for a very streamlined internal preparation; thanks to the work done upstream by the Techtera team. This joint trip was optimised by targeted, organised meetings, which formed a positive support and accelerator […]”.

Results for key accounts

Key Account Workshops were organised for three groups:

They resulted in eight different partnerships, integrating several textile firms and leading to new commercial products.