Textile & Innovation Retail Tour – JAPAN -KOREA

29 . 06 . 2023 to 01 . 07 . 2023

From analysing the various stages of the value chain, including distribution and innovation, in terms of customer relations, this programme is an immersion into the heart of some of the most innovative countries in the world: South Korea and Japan.

Partners for many years, Techtera and R3ilab have decided to work together to offer two complementary programmes for one single mission. Participants will thus have the possibility of organising their trip as they wish: either by following the entire route or by choosing just one destination.

From June 26 to 28, R3ilab will be in charge of the mission to South Korea, focusing on the digitisation of the various stages of the textile-clothing value chain.

From June 29 to July 1, Techtera will be in charge of the mission to Japan, dedicated to retail and product innovation.

Contact: Alec BILLON-BLOIN – dev@techtera.org

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