A word from the President

Louis Vovelle

Louis Vovelle, President of TECHTERA

President of TECHTERA

2018: Recognition and Renewal

As you all know, the year 2018 was a pivotal year with the phase III evaluation of the innovation clusters followed by our candidacy for phase IV.

Assessment and Recognition

Over the last 5 years, faithful to our communal ambition and Techtera’s desire to be AT THE HEART OF TEXTILE EVOLUTION, we can summarise our action around three issues:

Innovation, of course, with stronger key themes for the future:

explores new needs in fast-growing markets – RECIT, Recycling and Circular Economy, largely developed by the cluster, opens new opportunities for innovation.

Luxury Excellence: the cluster’s involvement in fashion & luxury activities has accelerated to combine the “training world” with textile innovation through participation in juries in major competitions and numerous events in the sector.

International recognition with expanded areas for action: Techtera’s help for companies in their export business intensified in 2018 through support at international markets and trade shows; 90 companies benefited in 2018.

2019: Renewal of the label – Great prospects for the sector

This new year, the support of our members, partners and funders, who have followed us for many years, and our team’s commitment have been rewarded by the renewal of the cluster’s labelling for the next four years.

The preparatory work in 2017 and 2018 allowed us to demonstrate the issues involved in developing an innovative value-generating sector in fast-growing markets.

This continuity and commitment – “AT THE HEART OF TEXTILE EVOLUTION” – are thanks to you; Techtera is proud to be an integral part of this dynamic and innovative sector.

Let us continue to go further, innovate and invent tomorrow’s markets.

Let us continue to be the same coherent and united force open to other skills and technologies.


Louis Vovelle
President of Techtera