Our mission

The innovation clusters are organisations (created in 2005) to mobilise the key factors of competitiveness: capacity for innovation, growth and working in key markets. Techtera – Textiles and Flexible Materials – was approved as an innovation cluster by the State on July 12, 2005. So, it is this date that saw the creation of the cluster, in Lyon, in the heart of the AUVERGNE-RHÔNE-ALPES Region, the French leader for “technical” textiles.

Our mission? Increase business competitiveness through co-operative innovation.

Our job? Encourage and develop co-operative innovation in processes and products, through a range of dedicated services. The cluster oversees and supports joint R&D projects involving at least three distinct partners (industrial and researchers).

How? The cluster initiates R&D themes and forms working groups (organisational, search for partners, setting up, search for funding), which it runs until filing, financing and finalising the projects resulting from it. It also helps companies and research centres wishing to develop an innovation through the availability of its services and solutions.


Day by day, the cluster:



Techtera has ISO 9001: 2008 certification for supporting manufacturers in cooperative technological innovation projects and enhancing the attractiveness anlogo-isod influence of the textile and flexible materials sector.



Techtera also has the “CLUSTER MANAGEMENT EXCELLENCE GOLD LABEL”, certification at a European level as part of the European Cluster Excellence Initiative; an initiative supported by the European Commission.

The Gold Label confirms Techtera’s high level of excellence in the management of its activities, and certifies that the cluster is successfully engaged in a continuous improvement procedure.

Techtera is the first European textile innovation cluster to be awarded the Gold Label.cl_label_gold

Up to now, only 69 of the 2,000 European clusters have been certified Gold.