Verne & Clet partnership with Sequal: Initiative for recycled marine plastic polyester yarns

21 . 11 . 2022

The Sequal initiative is a unique collaborative community working with ocean clean-up programmes around the world concerning the problem of marine plastic pollution.

When recovered, the marine scrap is collected and transformed into recycled marine plastic by approved Sequal partners. Verne & Clet uses Sequal polyester yarn, allowing the production of quality fabrics while protecting the environment.

This initiative is fully in line with the Verne & Clet responsible and united environmental approach, which did not wait until 2022 to introduce its own labels revealing the environmental impact of its fabrics.

Indeed, for nearly ten years, Verne & Clet has systematically added the necessary information to its creations (CO² emissions, quantity of water consumed and eutrophication rate of its products) to inform its buyers as accurately as possible.


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