International support

TECHTERA supports the development of research and business activities at an international level.

Joint Missions

TECHTERA organises joint missions abroad for participants (firms, laboratories, universities) to initiate various actions: technological and business monitoring, business development, identification of partners, network development.

Joint missions have already been organized in Japan, South Korea, Taïwan, Germany and in the USA.

Christophe Podevin, CEO of Ycone, on the 2016 Mission in Japan

“The Japan Mission […] gave us a first, highly targeted approach […], into the best framework conditions for a very streamlined internal preparation; thanks to the work done upstream by the Techtera team. This joint trip was optimised by targeted, organised meetings, which formed a positive support and accelerator […]”.

Trade Fairs

Techtera offers its members logistics and communication support at the major international trade fairs for the textiles and composites industry. In particular, the cluster can help SMEs fulfil the conditions for access to grants from the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region to facilitate their admission to the shows.

In 2015 and 2016, the cluster went with members to the JEC and Techtextil fairs, offering firms services such as:



TECHTERA proposes exchanges around feedback from research into topics of specific issues to enable participants to learn about the opportunities in different sectors.

Sessions have also been organised around the Japanese market; one concerning the Transport sector and the other concerning Health and Welfare.


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