Workshops for the emergence of ideas

TECHTERA regularly organises workshops, on one or two half days, to promote co-operative innovation within specific topics.

Innovation workshops

The aim of the Innovation Workshops is to stimulate business innovation through joint research projects. They are open to members and non-members.

They bring together researchers and industry, deal with a specific technology and lead to the creation of research and development projects.

Examples of themes: assembly, chitosan, 3D printing

At the end of the Workshop, the topic may be subjected to a Monitoring Group organised by Techtera. This group can extend the ideas engendered structurally and periodically to make the most of innovative elements.

Contact: Virgile AYMARD –

Promotion workshops

The aim of the Promotion Workshops is to spread the R&D spin-offs achieved by members of the cluster and promote the transfer of expertise by highlighting the results of R&D projects and opening them up to marketing.

They are dedicated to the dissemination of advances and results of projects launched by the cluster, particularly those created through Innovation Workshops.

Examples: exploiting the benefits of the TEX-SHIELD Project, RFID workshop, etc.

Contact: Virgile AYMARD