Member of the EU-TEXTILE 2030 EEIG

Key player in European textile policy

The European Economic Interest Group (EEIG)

Created in November 2019, this Group domiciled in Brussels, is the result of a 7-year cooperation at European level between the founding members – clusters of the textile sector.

Seven partners: AEI TEXTILS and ATEVAL (Spain), CLUSTER SMART TEXTILE – CITEVE (Portugal), CLUTEX (Czech Republic), PO.IN.TEX (Italy), EURAMATERIALS and TECHTERA (France).

EU-TEXTILE 2030, a network totalling over 1,000 members, including over 600 small/medium enterprises!


EU-TEXTILE2030 missions

EU-TEXTILE2030 activity is organised around the following activities, which aim to increase the competitiveness of the European textile industry:

  • Internationalisation of companies
  • Economic development and innovation at European level
  • Lobbying for the benefit of the textile sector at European Commission level


EU-TEXTILE 2030: key player in European policy

  • “Board member” of the European Textile Platform ETP
  • At the origin of European initiatives, REGIOTEX, of the dynamics of European textile regions


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