Outreach and economic development

Energise the national ecosystem and the European dimension

Techtera, a benchmark player supporting competitiveness through collaborative innovation

Since 2005, Techtera has found its place, and has become a benchmark player supporting competitiveness through collaborative innovation, in an essentially regional scope serving technical textiles. Since 2019, Techtera has been extending this approach throughout the country and to the entire textile industry, whether it concerns technical textiles or creative textiles.

At the heart of the textile industry and animator of the national ecosystem

Techtera strengthens historical links with entities representing the interests of the sector.

The cluster, a tool at the service and at the heart of the regions:

  • The Auvergne Rhône-Alpes Region: home-base since the creation of the cluster
  • The French Territory: a desire to develop its action for, and with, the other major regions for the sector; strong links with relays in the regions in Hauts-de France (CCI Hauts-de-France), the South (IUT Sud) and the East of France (Alsace Textile Cluster).

Growth of the European dimension

  • Increase Techtera’s presence in European projects
    – Establishment of selection criteria for projects
  • Strengthen the institutional role of Techtera in Europe
    – Techtera, member of the ETP (European Textile Technology Platform): co-construction of the platform’s innovation roadmap
    – Links with European platforms outside of textiles
    – Participation in the EU-TEXTILE2030 EEIG
  • Support members in Europe, especially first-time members
    – Mobilisation of resources from partner organisations and networks
    – Reinforcement of the network with the EEN network (European Enterprise Network, the National Contact Point)
  • Support the marketing of innovative products into Europe

Development of cross-border cooperation

Techtera relies on inter-clustering to promote united effort


Strengthening united effort in the sector

  • Strengthen links with those representing the market: fashion (UFIMH), sport (Outdoor Sports Valley), defence (DGA), health (Lyonbiopôle), etc.
  • Choosing new sources of supply:
    Partnership with Japan:
    – Privileged access for France to innovations from major Japanese groups
    – Signing of a Memorandum of Cooperation* to anchor the approach initiated and continue to develop partnerships. (* signed with the support of the DGE and the METI in the presence of the President of the Republic and the Japanese Prime Minister)
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