Techtera, source of textile innovation for our future, labelled Innovation Cluster for the period 2023-2026

19 . 04 . 2023

The renewal of the “Innovation Cluster” label, awarded by the State in coordination with the Regions, attests to the driving role of Techtera to inject a dynamic of innovation into the textile sector.

With 269 members representing the entire textile value chain, Techtera is the Innovation Cluster dedicated to the French textile sector. It has more than 267* joint R&D projects financed since 2005 for the sum of more than €651 million* in assets.

This label confirms Techtera’s success both in terms of the quality of the projects supported and its ability to create an environment conducive to textile innovation in many markets. Its strategy, built on a big increase in projects in Europe and support for the internationalisation of companies, has also borne fruit. Techtera has also been awarded the label “Cluster Organisation Management Excellence” Gold Label at a European level.

The cluster has succeeded in building, between industries in the sector and private & public organisations, an ecosystem whose size and actions are constantly growing.

Making use of this network, Techtera has established, with the main players in the textile industry and its members, a strategic roadmap reflecting the challenges of tomorrow:

  • The circular economy: biosourced materials and sustainable processes with low environmental and health impact, energy efficiency, recycling, traceability
  • Intelligent and high-performance low-carbon materials for the new growth markets
  • Digitisation at the service of manufacturing products, the supply chain and the development of new economic models

Depending on the challenge, Techtera will respond according to three modes of action:

  • Initiate/Carry out action to increase the competitiveness of companies through Research and Innovation
  • Support business growth through economic development
  • Support skills development and training initiatives

Techtera will continue to capitalise on its networks and projects in Europe in order to sustain and support its resolutely international strategy.

Generating action that will promote the innovation process within the textile sector and will participate in spreading this throughout the entire sector. This is the project that Techtera will carry out during the next four years.

*End of 2022

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