Industrial development

Be supported in your digital transformation procedures

The sustainability of companies depends on their ability to innovate; also, to adapt and transform in order to stay as close as possible to markets and customer expectations.


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The diagnostics are offered to you in order to report on the maturity of your company concerning different topics and to answer the following questions:

  • How can my company begin its transition to Industry 4.0?
    Industry of the future diagnostic / Digitalisation
  • Are my company’s computer systems secure?
    Cybersecurity diagnostic

Following these diagnostics, an action plan is put in place, either through joint projects or personal support.



Regional and national funding exist to support industrialisation and modernisation projects. Techtera guides and advises you about the various possibilities.

  • Investments supported by recovery plans or other regional and/or national aid
  • National or European funds

Access to industrial acceleration platforms

Technology and equipment sharing: TechteraFab and Axel’one


Access to digitisation experts through offers that will be supported by DIH

Digital Innovation Hubs: groups aiming to constitute a one-stop-shop, physical or virtual, designed to connect businesses in their regions with the means and ecosystems they need to succeed in their digital transformation.


Market study with a view to diversification

Do you have a skill, do you want to make the most of your possibilities in other markets?
Relying on its vast French and European network, Techtera carries out personalised market research.

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