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What are innovation clusters?

The innovation clusters are organisations (created in 2005) to mobilise the key factors of competitiveness: capacity for innovation, growth and working in key markets.

In a precise part of the country and covering a targeted theme, they bring together companies of all sizes, research laboratories and training establishments. National and local public authorities are closely associated with this dynamic strategy.

Techtera is the innovation cluster dedicated to the French textile industry.

It was approved as an innovation cluster by the French State on July 12, 2005. This approval was renewed for the fifth time in 2023.

Our mission

Techtera’s vocation is to strengthen the competitiveness of its members through concerted innovation; thereby contributing to the influence of the French textile industry beyond its borders.

Our job

In consultation with companies in the sector, Techtera has defined a strategic roadmap. In this context, the cluster coordinates a network of companies, research laboratories, technical centres, universities and major educational establishments in order to stimulate innovation in the sector.


Techtera creates and supervises joint Research & Development projects at regional, national, European and even international level. As such, Techtera organises and leads workshops and work groups to design textile systems that meet the technological and economic challenges of the textile industry. The cluster supports these collective strategies, from the emergence of projects to the marketing of innovative products and services.

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