Project support

Setting up collaborative projects

Support for Research, Development and Innovation projects

The cluster supports its members in organising their research, development and innovation projects. The service is aimed at all project partners. It is reserved for members of the cluster and subject to payment for success. Support can start at all stages of the development of a project.

Generating ideas

This takes place during the cluster’s animation workshops, or as a direct link between the cluster’s animation team and one of its members …


Project support

This is about moving from the idea… to the project. And a group of organisations interested in the idea towards a consortium of partners. This phase is structured around work groups and includes the following actions:

  • Identifying & finding partner(s)
  • Work and creativity sessions
  • Scheduling tasks
  • Support with the choice of strategic orientation
  • Identification of a way of financing
  • Proofreading the file (technical, financial annexes)
  • Proposal of document models (confidentiality agreements, consortium agreements, presentation files, presentation slides, etc)
  • Identification and link with the editor of the file

It ends with obtaining the following deliverables:

  • Mutual objectives
  • A consortium (group of partners with a defined role)
  • State of the art: technical and financial
  • Identified technical barriers, research & development targets
  • Consistent task packages and an estimated schedule
  • Budget estimate
  • An economic model associated with explicit economic benefits

Support from funders

The cluster supports your projects with public funders, from the project organising phase, during the evaluation period and during the life of the project – if it is accepted. Techtera’s fame, as well as the cluster’s label, are part of this approach to support members and the textile industry. Techtera has established a relationship of trust with its institutional funding partners.

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