Other technology platforms and technical centers

Technology platforms: center of excellence offering a technical platform with an industrial focus and based on the pooling of skills.
Technical centers: grouping of technological equipment around a scientific theme within an R&D entity.

Technology platforms


Technological Innovation Platform hosted by the Université Lyon1 dedicated to the study, development and application of additive manufacturing methodologies in the life science field.

Website: fabric-advanced-biology.univ-lyon1.fr/



Technological platform for collaborative innovation in the chemical, materials and environmental sectors, enabling the pooling of services, tools and skills to reduce the cost and risks of going to industrial scale.

website: axel-one.com



R&D center specialized in formulation and manufacturing techniques for the development of finished and semi-finished products in the field of functional and technical fibers, and composite materials.

Website: www.plateforme-canoe.com



European Centre for Innovative Textiles – A recognised centre to support the luxury, fashion and sports sector in the transition to a circular economy.

Website: www.ceti.com



European Laboratories for development and approval of materials covered by fire regulations

Website: www.crepim.fr



Structure of technological dissemination on the theme of “patterns and materials”. It supports project leaders, designers and companies looking for solutions and partners to develop a new product or trigger an innovative approach.

Website: www.emode.fr



Technological platform dedicated to additive manufacturing (3D printing) from the part to the material development.

Website: www.plateforme-idpro.fr/



The French Institute of Textile and Clothing (IFTH) – Center of expertise and innovation for Fashion, Textile and Clothing industry.

Website: www.ifth.org



Platform “Sustainable Plastics Ambition for 2030” for the development of R&D projects in the fields of sustainability (D), intelligence (I) and safety (S).

Website: www.ct-ipc.com



Innovation platform dedicated to the development of high production rates for thermoplastic composites.

Website: https://ct-ipc.com/moyen/hyprod



Innovation platform for polymer and composite additive manufacturing for the development and production of structural and functional parts.

Website: https://ct-ipc.com/sas/printer


PEI – Process Environment Industry

Platform for the development and optimisation of processes for the production, depollution and treatment of effluents, the elaboration of materials, recycling and recovery of raw materials.

Website: www.pei-grenoble.fr



Functional characterization platform of the University Savoie Mont Blanc, hosted by the IMEP-LaHC laboratory.

Website: www.platera.tech



POPCOM Composites Advanced Manufacturing Platform of IMT Lille Douai.

Website: youtu.be/cSqJzjH8YNM



Technological platform dedicated to advanced processes in powder metallurgy and plastics.

Website: liten.cea.fr/cea-tech/liten



Digital printing technological platform with both fundamental and application objectives to develop surface treatment processes backed by the BiOSS team (Bioelectronics and Smart Surfaces) and the ITODYS laboratory.

Website: www.itodys.univ-paris-diderot.fr



Technological platform, located at the La Martinière Diderot High School, specialized in rapid prototyping, the realization of demonstrators, the creation and design of innovative products and materials in multiple applications around textiles.

Website: www.textin.fr

Technical centers


Platform dedicated to the elaboration and functionalization of fibres and textile surfaces from all types of polymers.

Website: www.carnot-mica.fr



Experimental platform for the characterization of thermo-physical and radiative properties of materials.

Website: cethil.insa-lyon.fr



A department of the University Hospital dedicated to biomedical innovation and translational research in the field of biomaterials and medical devices (MD).

Website: www.cic-it-bordeaux.fr



ENSAIT laboratory combining skills in the field of computer science, electronics, mechanical automation, materials, chemistry, for the benefit of textile engineering and materials.

Website: www.gemtex.fr



ITECH engineering school’s Textile platform enabling the ecodevelopment of textiles (yarns, fabrics, knitwear) and processes (bringing color, functional finishes, coating) as well as prototyping on an industrial scale.

Website: www.itech.fr



Structure combining the skills and equipment for a CAO/ DAO design office and three working spaces specialised for fashion production

Website: www.lafabrique-ecole.fr



Laboratory with an X-ray tomography platform for non-destructive characterisation of the microstructure of a wide range of materials under various mechanical or thermal stresses.

Website: recherche.insavalor.fr



Thermal Analysis Platform – Platform with calorimetry equipment.

Website: lmi.cnrs.fr/teams/plateforme_plat



POLYCATS platform, UPPA’s instrumental service centre, dedicated to the physical and chemical characterisation of polymers.

Website: uppatech.univ-pau.fr