Emergence of ideas

Learn about new technologies and expand your network

The emergence of ideas is the start of any innovative process and can take different forms. In order to increase your capacity for innovation, Techtera offers you several opportunities according to your needs:

The clubs

Three thematic clubs are open to Techtera members, in connection with the strategic targets identified by the sector: smart materials, circular economy and Industry of the future

These clubs, consisting of manufacturers, laboratories and schools, meet four to six times a year. They are a place for discussion on a common theme. For club members, the meetings allow them to monitor, expand their network, visit firms and laboratories and launch joint innovation projects.

How to participate?

The clubs are reserved for Techtera members. Each club has a confidentiality charter so that they can discuss things with confidence.

To participate in the different clubs, contact the club manager.

Club STeW

Smart Textiles et Wearables

  • New uses
  • Technologies (conduction, sensor, energy)
  • Connectivity
  • Innovative applications
  • Networks and value chains
  • Economic models



Recycling and Circular Economy in the Textile Industry

  • Recycling
  • Biobased and alternative materials
  • Eco-efficient processes
  • Short cuts


Club ICI4.0

Industrial Club for Industry 4.0 in Textile

  • New technologies
  • New organisation of production processes
  • Adaptation of tools and processes
  • Industrial agility


Innovation workshops / upgrading workshops

The workshops organised by Techtera focus on a specific theme, either coming from the results of a project (Upgrading Workshops), or selected from technological opportunities (Innovation Workshops).

They have several objectives:

  • Keep watch through the intervention of experts on the topic
  • Find routes for innovation through group creativity sessions
  • Launch work groups to organise joint projects with participants wishing to get more involved in the subject
  • Increase your competitive advantage through the project funded

The workshops are spread over a half day or a full day.

How to participate?

The Innovation Workshops are open to all organisations and free for Techtera members.
If you want to participate in a workshop, you can contact Techtera or complete the registration form.

Thematic conferences and events

Alone or with partners, Techtera regularly organises thematic conferences and events

The purpose of these events is to keep watch on a particular topic, as well as to find relevant contacts to develop concerning the topic.

How to participate?

To participate in a thematic conference or “webinar”, you can contact Techtera or complete the registration form.

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