European Defence Fund

Project description

The European Defence Fund – Call SME – call for project supports the development of highly innovative products for the defence sector. This funding is part of the European Union’s defence strategy, which is to:

–   Developing European cooperation

–   Supporting innovation

–   Contribute to the strategic autonomy of the European Union

–   Strengthen the competitiveness of the industry

The consortium must be composed of at least 3 independent public or private entities established in 3 Member States

The developments targeted in the framework of this call for projects are of TRL 1 to 4 for the research part and 4 to 6 for the development part.

Projects will have an average duration of 48 months.

All projects

  • Market(s): Protection/
    Security & Defence
  • Call of project: European Defence Fund – Call PME
  • Type of call for project: Collaborative
  • Dimension: European
  • Financers: European Commission
  • Opérator: DGA
  • Project amount: From 1 000 000 € to 4 000 000 €
  • Theme: All theme
  • Markets: Protection/Security/Defence
  • Closing date of the call for proposals: over time until 2027

Contact : Stéphane Bône –