CONTEXT, InMotion 2020 – International conference on smart textiles (postponed)

27 . 04 . 2020 to 29 . 04 . 2020
Congress Centrum Weimarhalle (Seminar building) - Unesco-Platz 1 - WEIMAR - GERMANY

This event is postponed, and the date will be updated as soon as possible.

Techtera will be with you at the “In motion 2020” conference on the theme of new technological developments and areas of application for smart textiles.

At the conference, you will have access to the latest research results, examples of good practice, workshops and round tables. The event will focus on solutions for the automotive, aerospace and personal protective equipment sectors.

In parallel to the conference, companies and research institutes will present an exhibition of their latest developments and projects.

This event will allow you to exchange your ideas with experts from around the world on the dynamics of the development and use of smart textiles.

Contact : Bruno MOUGIN –

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