Infodays – European programmes – Grenoble (Postponed)

20 . 03 . 2020
Chambre de Métiers et de l'Artisanat - ZAC Bouchayer-Viallet, 20 Rue des Arts et Métiers - 38026 GRENOBLE

This event is postponed, and the date will be updated as soon as possible.

European calls for R&D funding projects will be presented during the two days organised for this purpose, next March 19 in Lyon and March 20 in Grenoble.

On the programme: aid for small and medium enterprises (EIC accelerator), aid for joint projects, aid for bilateral projects (BPI), etc.

A well-designed setup: presentations, B2B meetings and project organisers pitches looking for partners.

Link to the programme:

Contact : Bruno MOUGIN –

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