Presentation of Calimero results

23 . 02 . 2024
Locaux Techtera - 91 bis Chem. des Mouilles, 69130 ÉCULLY - Webinaire (10h-12h)

In response to the growing demand for environmental transparency, several European countries, including France, having already adopted the AGEC law (anti-waste law for a circular economy). They are considering the environmental labelling of products. To standardise assessment methods, the European Commission published a guide in 2021. This standardises the Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) calculations, and defines sixteen impact categories. However, biosourcing experts note problems with these methods, especially with regard to products of biosourced origin, where the current method does not take into account the storage of carbon by plants. This has a real effect on the accuracy of the results.

Faced with this fact, the CALIMERO consortium was created as part of the European project “Horizon Europe” (July 2022-June 2025). It aims to identify the shortcomings of current methods in five industrial sectors, including textiles, as regards modelling real processes. It proposes optimisation with particular attention to the progressive nature of greenhouse gas emissions.

The final objective is to re-evaluate the processes with an “enriched” LCA method to propose sectors that more sustainable.

The first results will be presented during an Innovation Workshop one year after launch of the project.

Contact: Juliette JAUPITRE –

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