Workshop Innovation – alternatives to traditional leather

03 . 06 . 2019
Villa Créatis, LYON

Techtera offers you to participate in a workshop on the theme of alternatives to leather, made from different raw materials such as : synthetic fibres, natural fibres, fungus…

Alternatives to leather are part of a new approach and are increasingly demanded by the consumers. So far quite marginal, the production of such materials in not industrialized yet, but this field is on the rise.

A lot can be done regarding the production, the materials and their visibility, so come (re)discover, think, discuss and collaborate on this topic with professionnals of the industry (producers of leather-like materials, brands using these materials…), with the aim of launching a collaborative and innovative project !

A special delegation of synthetic fibres manufacturers from Japan, that use their products in leather-like materials, will present their expertise.


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Contact: Kim PICARD-CHAÏBI –

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