A balanced assessment and ambitious initiatives: a look back at the Techtera General Meeting

20 . 05 . 2024

A balanced assessment and ambitious initiatives

During the meeting, Techtera presented its results for the year 2023. They showed very satisfactory results, in alignment with the strategic roadmap.

The president wished to thank the 282 members, the funders, the innovation commission and the cluster’s entire team of experts.

Techtera also discussed the initiatives undertaken in 2023, which are designed to:

  • Support innovation: The year 2023 documented a record number of projects submitted and funded. Twenty-six R&D projects were labelled and funded, representing an overall budget of €47 million. More than 44 projects were submitted, the results of which will be communicated in 2024. To encourage the emergence of tomorrow’s R&D projects, the cluster has actively stimulated this dynamic with the organisation of 11 Innovation Workshops and 41 Work Groups.
  • Support development: Techtera has initiated numerous actions aimed at stimulating the economic development of its members, in particular through the organisation of 32 Innovation Workshops. Two hundred and thirteen companies benefited from thematic conferences and technology watches. In addition, 26 companies were accompanied or supported internationally during trade fairs, and 69 during missions abroad. The BtoB meetings brought together 387 companies. The use of the Techtera textile know-how database led to 35 supplier searches in 2023, which also contributed to the growth of their activities.
  • Participate at the European level: The year 2023 was marked by a strong commitment to Europe; with Techtera’s investment in European Intercluster Projects, such as RegioGreenTEX and AlpTextyles as well as in R&D projects with BioStruct, MC4 and Caliméro.
  • Optimise the visibility of the sector: Techtera promotes its members, their news, their successes and their projects via its newsletter, its website and its LinkedIn page and various press releases.

The Innovation and Development teams also presented the first results and actions for the first quarter of 2024 with regard to Techtera’s strategic roadmap.

Contact: Sonia DESCOINS – communication@techtera.org

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