A mask designed by SKYTED for people to make radio/phone calls in public without being heard!

29 . 03 . 2023

Skyted has designed an open-air mask that absorbs sound. Supported by AIRBUS and the European Space Agency, this start-up has produced a solution for silent in-flight calls.

Developed using state-of-the-art aerospace technology, the mask is soundproof for private and confidential calls in the real and virtual world. Perfectly suited for the hybrid workplace, Skyted offers “new travellers” comfort and privacy on aircraft, open workspaces and public transport, as well as in the virtual world through Metaverse and online games.

This mask has several advantages:

  • 80% of voice vibration is absorbed
  • External noise is not picked up by the internal microphone
  • Compared with a COVID mask: the airflow can enter and exit the mask without constraint
  • The product is made with biobased or recycled materials

This innovative solution will be launched in May.

Website: https://skyted.io/

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