A seventh clothing workshop in France for Marck & Balsan

15 . 06 . 2022

Last May, Marck & Balsan announced the takeover of France Manufacture, based in Limoges. This workshop makes suits and clothing for men, made-to-measure and in series. Also, using its skills and craftsmanship, it makes high-end, luxury ladies’ clothing.

With this acquisition, Marck & Balsan has several objectives:

  1. Increase its production capacity in response to the growth of its markets
  2. Diversify its offer and reach new markets in the luxury industry
  3. Add to its skills and know-how, thanks to the thirteen current employees, who will keep their jobs
  4. Continue to develop its production in France with this seventh workshop in French regions.

This acquisition fits perfectly with the Marck & Balsan strategy, which aims to increase its ability to meet the demands of its customers, to seize development opportunities and perpetuate its commitment to maintaining jobs and “Made in France know-how”.

Website: https://www.marcketbalsan.fr/en/marckbalsan/

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