AFITEXINOV develops an innovative textile solution for sensitive structures

16 . 05 . 2022

AFITEXINOV, in partnership with INERIS and 3SR and as part of the “Road of the Future” projects led by ADEME, has developed an autonomous system for detecting ground deformations coupled with the use of a geosynthetics.

The solution consists of a geosynthetic reinforcement, instrumented by optical fibre, connected to a monitoring box. This box is self-sufficient in energy because it is powered by a solar panel. A data reception platform is accessible remotely. Thus, the PREDITECT system monitors, in real time and remotely, the evolution of risk parameters in areas of ground deformation, making it possible to identify risks of collapse before observing them on the surface.

Sensitive structures are thus continuously monitored. In the event of a problem, the people in charge of the site are immediately notified for rapid intervention if the threshold is exceeded, via an email alert or directly on the platform.


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