AlpTextyles events: Dyes based on natural materials & The living heritage of textiles in the Alps

16 . 01 . 2024

If innovation aims to imagine and create the future of an industrial sector, can it find its inspiration in its history and heritage? Can the textile heritage be a driving force for sustainability?

As from the beginning of 2023, Techtera and the partners of the European AlpTextyles project have been looking into these questions. A major strategy of the project is to develop and consolidate knowledge concerning the textile heritage of the Alpine region, covering six countries: France, Italy, Switzerland, Slovenia, Germany and Austria.

AlpTextyles is as much interested in the industrial aspect as in textile craftsmanship. It covers a large part of what constitutes the heritage of this sector: know-how, materials, value chains, those working in the ecosystem, the communities, aesthetic and cultural issues. The project also addresses consumer perceptions, and especially their perception of Alpine products.

For three years, the twelve partners of the AlpTextyles project will establish possible links between the textile heritage, the response to environmental issues, the optimisation of local resources, and the creation of value. This with a view to relocation and greater sustainability through more virtuous practices and lifestyles.

Here, at the beginning of 2024, two events are being organised as part of AlpTextyles.

  • 24 January: a Innovation Workshop on the theme of dyes based on natural materials- Link to event ;
  • 12 March: a one-day conference on the partnership’s research into the living heritage of textiles in the Alpss – Link to event.

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