At Techtera, all systems are “Go!” – Ready for renewal of the “Innovation Cluster” label!

19 . 10 . 2022

Clusters, pillars of French innovation policy

For nearly 18 years, innovation clusters have been one of the great pillars of French innovation policy, particularly for the benefit of SMEs (small/medium enterprises).

As phase IV (2019-2022) of the clusters’ policy comes to an end, the State and Regions reaffirm the effectiveness of this strategy with a new call for applications aimed at labelling innovation clusters for another four years (2023-2026). There are two main targets: (1) Federate the means and resources of the sector to meet future challenges, especially environmental ones; (2) Include the sector’s trades, products and projects in the panorama of France 2030.

Techtera roadmap

Techtera, which released its strategy this week, has designed a new roadmap, now including:

  • A review of the 92 national projects and 56 European projects carried out between 2019 and 2022, confirming the relevance of the technological strategies of the previous roadmap. This will allow us to identify the first directions for action during phase V.
  • A participatory consultation process, with the various players in the sector, to define Techtera’s strategic priorities:

Eighty-six French organisations and ten European organisations (Germany, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, United Kingdom) took part in a survey, designed in line with the roadmap of the European Textile Platform (ETP), of which Techtera is administrator.

Joint information workshops were also led by Techtera in Lyon and Mulhouse, bringing together a total of thirty-eight organisations. They made it possible to collect members’ requirements by theme, in order to understand the issues and obstacles encountered on the basis of the three roadmap strategies. These sessions allowed us to collect key qualitative data needed to develop the new Phase V roadmap. In fact, more than 200 topics emanated from these workshops, grouped according to the themes from the roadmap of the ETP platform.

This approach has allowed us to build a roadmap that is as close as possible to the challenges and needs of the French textile industry.

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