Brochier Technologies wove the optical fibre

03 . 01 . 2020

The Brochier Technologies story started with a wedding dress twenty years ago. In 1999, a fashion designer asked a hundred-year-old Lyon company, Brochier Soieries, to create a luminous wedding dress. The attempt became reality – ideas and projects merged together. In 2007, Brochier Technologies was created. It developed luminous technical fabrics made of optical fibres, the different uses of which are constantly growing. With the industrial interest of this technology, now proven, an organisation dedicated to the medical applications of the technology was created.

Among other things, the company has created a lightweight sleeping bag with a therapeutic function (fibre optic phototherapy) for use in the treatment of jaundice in babies (project supported by the Techtera innovation cluster). Around twenty patents have been filed. This textile is the basis of a complex technology, today used not only in the medical field but also in the automobile, aeronautics, security, communication, and even architectural domains. Brochier Technologies is able to answer many problems and works only in B-to-B. According to its industrial director, the company’s growth is sustainable through the development of new technologies and new markets.

Source: Le Progrès – December 2019


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