Chamatex opens its capital to Yotta Capital to accelerate its development

27 . 07 . 2022

Chamatex, the specialist in technical textiles, (280 employees; €35 million turnover in 2021), is consolidating its financial resources to accelerate its innovation and internationalisation strategy by opening up its capital to Yotta Capital.

The capital increase of €5 million will allow the manager, Gilles Réguillon, to “double the production capacity of the ASF 4.0 factory, making it possible to aim for one million pairs of shoes produced per year within 5 years”; strengthen and modernise the industrial resources of its various sites; supply the large shoe assembly factories located in Southeast Asia by setting up “a unit in Vietnam specialising in the production of Matryx technical textiles”; and also to “carry out several external growth operations to strengthen the Group’s industrial expertise in key business sectors”.


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