CHAMATEX participates in “Go to Smart Factory” as part of the new Regional Centre

05 . 11 . 2019

Focus on the industry of the future! As from 2020 in Charbonnières-les-Bains near Lyon, the Regional Centre will host a research and innovation plant dedicated to ambitious industrial transformation projects.

The “Go to Smart Factory” project has been launched as part of the Regional Digital Centre. Its ambition is to connect to the already well-known computerised production systems, to develop factories that are more flexible, efficient, communicating and eventually – autonomous.

The “Go to Smart Factory” has a strong partnership aspect: several organisations support the project leader, Siemens, in this adventure to form a solid ecosystem.

As such, the Chamatex Group, very-much involved in textiles, is participating in the project.

Chamatex, whose development strategy is based on manufacturing quality and its strong capacity for innovation, represents an example of successful industrial transformation.

So, it is good that this company is taking part in the consortium.

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