Circular textile economy: the HEREWEAR Consortium General Meeting at Mitwill Textiles Europe

20 . 05 . 2024

The HEREWEAR EU project brings together fifteen European partners from research institutions, universities and industrial companies under the leadership of the Belgian research centre CENTEXBEL. The aim of the project is to develop an industrial base for the production of bio-sourced, local and circular clothing manufactured in Europe. The project, lasting 3 years, will come to an end in 2024.

The consortium met in Sausheim in the Microfactory of partner Mitwill Textiles Europe last April, to take stock of the progress made:

  • Design of biosourced circular textiles
  • Extraction of cellulosic materials from biological waste sources such as straw, manure and seaweed
  • Development of new organic polyester fibres and weaving or knitting into textile materials
  • Digital tools for tracking raw materials to ensure “sustainable origin” and “circular use”
  • Life cycle analysis and ecological labelling throughout value chains
  • Establishment of an EU-wide commitment and greater capacity for bio-based circular textiles across the industry.


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