Eweave, pioneer of smart textiles, is expanding – thanks to the alliance between Satab and AQ-Tech

20 . 05 . 2024

Already present on the market for two years, Eweave combines textile know-how and IOT (internet of things) skills to offer a range of unlimited solutions concerning smart textiles.

Depending on the needs, Eweave systems can handle electrical connectivity, data transfer, integration of ON/OFF switches and dimmers (variators), detection and localisation of leaks, supports, shocks, cuts, mechanical tension, pressure, water level measurement. They can also be adapted to new lighting systems.

Today, there is an alliance between Satab (a benchmark concerning the narrow textile market) and the multidisciplinary engineering agency AQ-Tech (expert regarding mechanics, electronics and intelligent textiles). This alliance allows Eweave to integrate, into its products, skills that range from development, prototyping as far as assembly.

This new internal innovation unit, called “EweaveLab”, allows Eweave not only to work on turnkey systems but also to offer full support in the development of the smart textile solutions of tomorrow – and to take them up to the level of industrial maturity.

Website: www.eweave.fr

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