EXTRACTHIVE: winner of the ADEME call for projects on the theme of recycling composites

13 . 12 . 2023

Extracthive is winner of the France Relance 2030 Plan concerning the call for a project dedicated to “Innovative solutions for improving the recyclability, recycling and reincorporation of composite materials”.

Extracthive has thus obtained funding of €2.9 million to support the industrialisation of its patented technology, called PHYre® – a more virtuous solution for the recycling of carbon fibres from composite waste.


  • Develop the French sector for recycling post-production and end-of-life composites
  • Increase the volume of carbon fibre available on the market
  • Provide a treatment solution for composite waste

Composite materials, containing a reinforcement (carbon fibre), to provide mechanical strength and a matrix, usually a plastic material to ensure cohesion of the structure, represent a major challenge in terms of recycling. This is where PHYre® technology comes in, using a mixture of solvents at moderate temperatures to degrade the matrix of composites and recover fibres with mechanical properties similar to virgin fibres – but with 10 times lower GHG (Greenhouse Gas) impact.

Websites: www.extracthive-industry.comwww.phyre-recycling.com

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