France – Italy: towards greater cooperation in textiles

03 . 04 . 2018

TECHTERA worked with the DGE (Government department for enterprises) to prepare for the Franco-Italian Summit last September 27, during which the two countries pledged to develop their bilateral relations on concrete projects. Among the actions identified in the roadmap is greater cooperation between the two countries to support market opportunities in the textile sector.

The first work group will be held on April 24 in Bercy, with the leading textile players from both countries, including the French TECHTERA, UPTEX, UIT and INTERSOIE. The first ideas for partnership will focus on silk and textile applications in the Factory of the Future.

TECHTERA wants to engage in this reflection in order to highlight the skills of companies in our region in the textile sector. The cluster’s aim is to promote inter-cluster R&D and market activities with Italian clusters and companies, leading to joint projects, and launch all types of initiative to benefit companies from both countries.

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