Great performance by the 2020 regional PSPC (Structural Projects for Competitiveness)!

05 . 05 . 2021

The results of the PSPC Region 2020 call for projects (Structural Projects for Competitiveness) have arrived. Thirty-one projects were selected nationally; eleven from the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region.

All three projects – CALME, REVIEN and SENTMI – supported and/or approved by Techtera were funded; which is more than a quarter of the projects funded in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. These three projects represent a total budget of €7.866 million and €3.804 million in grants. These figures demonstrate the vitality of the textile industry in terms of innovation – especially that of Techtera members!

Some more information about the three funded projects:

  • CALME (Development of ultra-high performance Lightweight Mineral Composite panels for renovation and new construction)

Development of an innovative multifunctional façade-cladding system, with mineral appearance, for use in renovation and new construction

Project budget: €3.366 millions

Funding: €1.685 millions

Project duration: 42 months

Partners: Saertex – Meca – Ateliers artistiques du béton – laboratoire LMC2

  • REVIEN (reuse of vinyl polymers for coatings)

Optimisation of the incorporation of PVC and recycled plasticised PVC in layers, obtained by coating or by thin-film extrusion

Project budget: €2.222 millions

Funding: €963 000

Project duration: 42 months

Partners: Gerflor – Kem One – Serge Ferrari – IMP

  • SENTMI (Textile Sensors for Infrastructure Monitoring)

Development in the civil engineering sector of a 2D fibre-optic surface sensor system for infrastructure monitoring to prevent incidents

Projekt budget: €2,278 millions

Funding: €1.156 millions

Project duration: 42 months

Partners: Laboratoire LOCIE – Brochier Technologies – INOUiD  – Leon Grosse


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