Maison NEYRET partnership with Y/PROJECT and ARIANEE for Digital Product Passports for more sustainable fashion

18 . 04 . 2024

Maison Neyret announces a partnership with  Arianee and Y/PROJECT, the avant-garde Parisian label designed by Glenn Martens.

Together, they unveil a project in the field of sustainable fashion: blockchain-based Digital Product Passports (DPP) for denim items in the Evergreen collection of Y/PROJECT.

The partnership between Y/PROJECT, Arianee and Maison Neyret uses cutting-edge technologies. Maison Neyret’s smart labels and the Cloud Scalabel product, combined with Arianee’s Digital Product Passports, seamlessly integrate digital features into the Evergreen collection.

Thanks to the combined textile and digital know-how of Maison Neyret, Y/PROJECT is able to integrate digital functions into its products without difficulty, and, above all, on an industrial scale! For the brand, this harmonious operational integration has been made possible thanks to Maison Neyret’s serialised industrial tool after several years of R&D.

A unique identifier is created and digitally assigned to each item. It is then associated with all the information and data linked to the product, which users can then easily access directly from the garment using a label with a unique QR code.


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