Marck & Balsan have obtained GOTS and GRS certification

29 . 03 . 2023

GOTS certification (Global Organic Textile Standard) allows the marketing of textiles containing fibres from organic farming.

The GRS label (Global Recycled Standard) guarantees the composition of a product derived from recycled materials.

These two certifications also ensure that the production processes comply with environmental and social criteria.

Marck & Balsan may now buy and resell GOTS or GRS certified products, thus guaranteeing its customers the traceability of the fibres used in its products.

Also, Marck & Balsan have won the call for tenders from the “Grand Ouest” Group, made up of thirteen French departments (counties), to supply clothing and accessories for firefighters:

  • TSI (Service and Intervention Uniform) label: Civil Security for men and women
  • Male and female everyday uniforms
  • Headwear: kepis and tricorns
  • Trimmings accessories and attributes


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