MCVE technology: Innovation in printing circuits on organosheets

20 . 02 . 2024

In recent years, new advances in the production of thermoplastic composites have emerged. Thanks to its EOPROM® ink technology, MCVE Technologie has confirmed the feasibility of printing circuits on PA6 organosheets. These materials combine the rigidity of thermoplastics with the strength of fibrous reinforcement. Organosheets represent an ideal solution for reinforcing structures, thus replacing metal with lightweight parts. They are ideal for high-throughput manufacturing processes such as injection moulding and compression over-moulding .

The integration of organosheets with EOPROM® technology helps streamline production, reduces manufacturing costs and offers designers greater flexibility in the design of innovative functional 3D products. This new technology, IME (In Mold Electronic), is totally additive and environmentally friendly.

Furthermore, MCVE Technologie has also validated the use of the technology on organic-sourced organosheets, based on flax fibres and PA10-10 resin.


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