MKM COUTURE: Launch of an innovative range of harnesses

20 . 02 . 2024

MKM COUTURE, expert in technical sewing and specialist in the design and production of technical and safety articles since 1993, continues its commitment to innovation by expanding the range of its own brand, CILAO, developed in 2003.

After launching a range of technical backpacks aimed at mountain enthusiasts, the brand has entered a growing market – that of high-altitude adventure parks.

Thus, CILAO today offers seat or full-body harnesses, tarpaulin bags and even rope and webbing lanyards, French production and tailor-made with a manufacturing time of 10 days.

Among its latest innovations, we find a harness, TYRO, for giant twisting zip lines. The harness has already attracted several operators of French sites, such as the giant zip line in Chamrousse near Grenoble; and also, Spanish sites thanks to the Vertikalist reseller and German sites, through Zipline Europe.


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