New development at Sulitec: A pouch for portable electronic devices

13 . 12 . 2023

Following the development of the treatment kit for alternative energy vehicles with the Monaco firefighters, Sulitec became interested in the problem of transporting portable batteries (bicycle, scooter, computer, etc). In fact, accidents linked to thermal leakage of lithium-ion batteries are becoming increasingly frequent. Recently, phone batteries or electronic cigarettes have caught fire in airplanes, injuring people.

To deal with the risk of battery fire, which can lead to a dangerous release of toxic fumes or even explosions, Sulitec has developed a pouch using the insulating products in its range. This pouch is recommended for the storage and transport of portable electronic devices (PED) and spare and external batteries.

In the event of a failure, this makes it possible to prevent and contain any risk of thermal leakage.

To date, the civil security is in the process of acquiring protection to equip its helicopters and airplanes.


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