Recyc’Elit and DECATHLON sign a strategic partnership to revolutionise textile recycling

19 . 06 . 2024

Created in 2019, the Rhône-Alpes start-up Recyc’Elit has developed a chemical recycling process for complex polyester-based textiles. This is a 100% circular process, upgrading not only polyester but also co-materials such as elastane, cotton and polyamide.

In mid-May 2024, Recyc’Elit announced a strategic partnership with DECATHLON. This will allow it to deploy its system and thus contribute to transforming the textile ecosystem from a linear model into a circular model, by transforming textile waste into resources for manufacturers of the textile industry.

This partnership aims in particular to create a value chain with all partners wishing to get involved in this process.

The DECATHLON investment will be accompanied by a long-term commercial partnership, including, among other things, the creation of bottle top collecting.

Furthermore, Recyc’Elit, recently installed on the site near Lyon, will have, from the beginning of 2025, a pre-industrial demonstrator capable of processing 10 tonnes of waste annually.


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