Recyc’Elit, raises funds amounting to €3.2 million

17 . 11 . 2023

Recyc’Elit has raised €3.2 million in funds to implement the industrialisation phase of its polyester recycling technology. The company, based in Isère, has patented polyester recycling technology, particularly applied to textile fibres.

This technology represents a revolutionary process of chemical recycling by solvolysis, operating in mild conditions. This technique makes it possible to recycle previously untreated textile waste, intended for landfill or incineration. This major advance of Recyc’Elit lies in the ability to recycle polyester and co-materials such as elastane, nylon or cotton. Each component can thus be integrated into a circular recycling loop, contributing to the production of new textiles.

The funds raised will support Recyc’Elit in setting up a demonstrator capable of processing 100 tonnes of waste per year by 2025.

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