Reinforcing the internationalisation of Alpex Protection with the creation of a subsidiary in North America

22 . 04 . 2022

ALPEX Protection, one of the world leaders in the field of waterproof and breathable laminated fabrics for personal protective equipment, is taking a significant step in its international growth strategy by creating a subsidiary in North America.

Created in February 2022, ALPEX USA is a joint venture between ALPEX Protection (France) and the CALKO Group (Canada). CALKO is a well-known group in North America, making high-performance technical textiles, especially for the emergency services and firefighters’ sector. This joint venture is the result of the technical and commercial partnerships already in place between these two companies.

ALPEX USA will initially focus on the distribution of the different types of laminated fabrics made by ALPEX Protection, and particularly multi-layered articles.


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