Science and Surface: study of a problem of white spots when dyeing polyamide glue points

15 . 04 . 2020

Science et Surface was asked to study a problem of white spots in production when dyeing polyamide glue points. An analytical method has been set up to characterise these white spots by linking a morphological and chemical analysis in order to compare with a compliant area of glue.

Figure 1: Observations of white dots on areas of glue after dyeing.

Figure 2: Observations of a white dot observed on the surface of a textile during the dyeing of the glue area

Figure 3: Observations of a suitably coloured glue area

Observations under the microscope showed a difference in morphology between the areas of compliant and non-compliant glue (white spot) with a slight chemical contrast and the presence of an interface line between tinted and non-tinted areas at the white spots.

Figure 4: Infrared chemical analysis of white dots

The study showed that the white spots are polyester beads, which are located above the dyed polyamide glue points. The fault is therefore not related to a problem with the colour of the glue points, but due to contamination present when the glue was applied.


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