Selection of three French textile firms as part of the first EuroBoosTEX call for projects

26 . 07 . 2023

The EuroBoosTEX European partnership, of which Techtera is a partner, aims to stimulate the environmental and digital transition of European textile small/medium enterprises, and to boost their competitiveness internationally.

This initiative uses cascade funding to finance textile innovation projects through two calls for projects: the “Individual Innovate Boost Grant” call, which has just closed, and the “Innovate Boost Grant” call in consortia.

The winners of the first call

EuroBoosTEX has nominated ten winners as part of the first individual grant call “Innovate Boost” from 21 eligible proposals: three French, three Spanish, two Italian, one Danish, and one Slovenian.

Thus, EuroBoosTEX supports the ten small/medium enterprises with €15,000, by financing activities that will accelerate the marketing of innovative products.

This financial support aims to promote cohesion and strengthen resilience and recovery within the European Union by helping small/medium firms to develop new products.

EuroBoosTEX: what next?

A second call will be launched from September 6 to November 8, 2023. The funding granted aims at supporting the adoption of processes and technologies by small/medium enterprises, to ensure more sustainability and/or connectivity in their value chain.

A sum of €60,000 per project in a consortium of two small/medium enterprises. Thus, €30,000 per small/medium enterprise, will be allocated to the winners.

The firms targeted for the EuroBoosTEX call for proposals are innovative textile small/medium enterprises or start-ups, and advanced manufacturing small/medium enterprises to support textile companies in their digital transformation.

The composition of the consortia must therefore take one of the following forms:

  • A consortium made up of two textile small/medium enterprises
  • A consortium made up of one textile small/medium enterprise and one advanced manufacturing small/medium enterprise.

An InfoDay (Information day) will be organised on September 20 to present this new call. This will be followed by a matchmaking event so that you can meet potential partners.


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