Serge Ferrari intensifies its presence in the boating market

19 . 04 . 2023

Zodiac updates the Medline range and selects Serge Ferrari as its partner for all textile products on its new semi-rigid Medline 7.5.

Zodiac has created 4 new upholsteries for its new boat by combining products from the Batyline range, Batyline Eden by Serge Ferrari.

This range is based on extruded wire weaving technology. A Polyester yarn is coated with a formulated polymer that protects it from degradation caused by UV, mechanical and chemical agents, etc. This yarn is then woven together with an uncoated textile yarn offering a textile feel and optimal UV resistance, after which the wires are attached under heat. The mechanical strength of the polyester yarn, combined with the polymer resin’s chemical resistance and textile feel, make Batyline Eden a highly innovative flexible composite material.


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