Technical collaboration between SAERTEX and Terre Lin for the development of a flax fibre product

19 . 09 . 2022

The use of flax fibers is a further step towards a sustainable production. Bio-based fibers help to reduce overall energy consumption and are thus in line with our corporate vision “Innovation for a resource-saving future,” which aims to make a significant contribution to minimizing global resource consumption.

SAERTEX and French partner Terre de Lin have launched a technical collaboration for non-crimp fabrics with flax fibers for the industrial segment. At JEC Group world fair we presented a rudder blade, which is part of a sailboat built predominantly from multiaxial flax fabrics by French Shipyard IDBMARINE in Tregunc, France. There are many potential applications for flax, with the marine sector being a pioneer where flax NCFs are already being used successfully.


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