Techtera labels and approves the PATENTH project: IFTH accelerates the environmental transition of textiles

19 . 06 . 2024

To limit the impact of their products, IFTH (French Institute of Textiles and Clothing) has launched the PATENTH project, aimed at supporting the sector in the environmental transition towards sustainable and responsible practices. PATENTH proposes innovative tools to assess, improve and certify the environmental performance of textile products throughout their life cycle.

The project takes place in two stages. The first step is to assess the current situation by analysing materials according to four criteria: hazardous substances, discharges/emissions, product durability and optimisation of end-of-life/recycling. The second step defines the indicators and specifications needed to establish standards, ensure statutory compliance and develop eco-designed systems.

As part of PATENTH, various testing techniques are implemented. These are essential to support companies in their eco-design procedures and to guarantee the transparency and traceability of information all along the value chain. Data management and the digital transformation of laboratories are central; with a single database to evaluate materials and to provide manufacturers with recommendations.

Finally, IFTH works on recycling, the recovery of textile waste and the reduction of microplastics, thus promoting the circular economy.

PATENTH is financially supported by the French government and the Région Auvergne Rhône-Alpes and administered by BPI France. It is certified by Techtera, and supported by Unitex and ModeAura.


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